WIDIA Products Group Collaborates with World Leading Brands

At EMO Milan we announced the launch of the WIDIA Products Group brand collaboration With WIDIA™, WIDIA-Hanita™, WIDIA-Rubig™, WIDIA-Manchester™, WIDIA-Clapp-DiCo™, WIDIA-GTD™, and WIDIA-Circle™ all branded under the WIDIA name, this is a very big announcement globally, the aims of which are to improve access to WIDIA metal cutting products and services to customers worldwide.

The WIDIA story is well known for Europe and for many North American manufacturers. WIDIA also claims the world’s first patent for coating indexable inserts and developing the world’s first coated grades. Founded in Germany in 1929, WIDIA possesses a rich heritage as one of the first innovators in developing tungsten carbide for use as a cutting tool material.

ToolsKit and JTC are Authorized Channel Partner and Distributor of Widia and all the above-mentioned brand for which Widia has done the Tie-ups, this means with our service and Widia’s product we become much more stronger.

Leveraged with the recognition and resources of WIDIA and known as WIDIA-GTD™, these taps will continue to grow and find new users worldwide. The same can be said for WIDIA-Clapp/DiCo™, the first choice in PCD/CBN custom metal cutting solutions, or WIDIA-Rübig™, for unsurpassed solid-carbide drilling and reaming.

New products will continue to be introduced as well. A new premium performance platform, WIDIA Victory has also been launched. The victory portfolio defines the standard for productivity in improving products.

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