Price, Quality and Timely Service are the Popular requirements of any User, Then What is the Difference with us?

The Difference is the value of Customer, Innovation, Commitment, Relations, Trust and Genuineness for us is on a Higher Plateau.

A Higher Plateau of Innovation with Suppliers in the last 7 Years has helped us over 150 New Products just to meet Customer needs, be it Bonded Abrasives, Coated Abrasives or CNC Toolings.

A Higher Plateau of Trust which we have received in form of credentials from our Principal like Grindwell Norton Limited and Widia India Tooling. Even from our Customers who are largest Automotive companies in the world.

A higher plateau of commitment to customer at any point in time, we communicate to provide the right product everytime within the given time frame and target price.

At Jyoti Trading Corporation, our relations with Customer are so bonded that our mutual trust has brought us so far since 1981 at Ahmedabad.

3RD Generation Entrepreneur

JTC is a Family Company founded in 1952 by Mr. Ambalal Sanghvi, when he picked a Tool in those year to promote was USA’s and World’s leading brand in Steel Files – Nicholson Files. It is worth noting that our core competencies begin since then is selling the Quality which has no match in its field.

Keeping the same roots of core-competence Mr. Manoj Sanghvi grew the Company by adding numbers of Leading International and National Brands like KPT, Black and Decker, Taparia, Grindwell Norton, D&H Secheron and many more.

Since 1981 we shifted our Head Office to Ahmedabad from Kolkata to serve one of the top growing State in Engineering Industry.

Mr. Jay Sanghvi decided to take forward the legacy after completing his MBA from Cambridge University UK, we have not divested or diluted into other Products for the sake of artificial growth. Our growth strategy is to stay committed with Abrasives and Tooling Industry and support by nothing less then world class Customer service.

About the Principals

Grindwell Norton Limited – Saint Gobain Abrasives India – is India’s leading Manufacturer of Abrasives. Bonded Abrasives consists of Grinding Wheels & Cutting Discs, Coated Abrasives like Sanding Belts and Flap Wheels, Non Woven Abrasives for Polishing and Super Abrasives like CBN Grinding wheel for high performance. GNO is Operating in India since more then 75 years, with 4 Manufacturing facilities, Sales of more then 1500 Crores, more then 1100 employees, and with the maximum certifications like OSA Abrasives Safety standards, ISO-9001, ISO-14000, OHSAS-1800 and many more.

Widia India Tooling Pvt Ltd – With more then 60,000 Sku’s of Turning Tools, Milling Tools, Carbide Drills, Taps and much more, Widia is one of the first Company to enter Indian Market after Independence. A world Class Globally renowned manufacturing unit at Bangalore India they truly support the make in India Policy.

We are associated with more then 20 Leading Manufacturers of India who have their Global presence and the best Quality Standards, we believe in Make in India movement by competing the International Brands in terms of Quality.

Wikus India Pvt Ltd – Wikus is a German Company with World’s Best Bandsaw Blades Quality. Since 1958 a 50 Years old Brand with Presence in USA, Europe and all Global Market. Now in India with full fledged Manufacturing Plant at Pune.  We are Authorized Channel Partner for Wikus Sales in India for Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades, Carbide and Coated Bandsaw Blades along with Circular Saws.

Inventory and Infrastructure

We believe in Just in time approach and thus we work with Quantity schedules and Planning with our Customer, Our Inventory is well maintained and managed to serve customer’s needs and reduce their burden of stocking the products.

We are one of the top Supplier of Gujarat with such range of Inventory of Abrasives and Tools, also our long association with our Principals allows us to prioritise the supplies and fulfil the Customer needs in given time frame.