Technical Solutions for Gear Grinding

New Platform for Gear Grinding

Increasingly stringent industry requirements for gears are resulting in tighter tolerances, higher profile accuracy, and improved surface finish. The choice of abrasive is key in the production of high-quality gears. Norton offers high performance grinding wheels engineered to deliver a complete technical solution for:

The Premium Collection

Worm Grinding

An engineered micro-structured ceramic grain provides excellent free cutting action and durability to maximize performance and quality.

  • Perfect homogeneity throughout wheel thickness
  • Increased form holding
  • Friction-free

Dual Worm Grinding

The dual wheel combines a vitrified section to grind, and a fine grit section to polish the gear teeth. • High surface quality providing Rz=1,0µm Rpk=0,05µm • Wheels can be adapted to existing machines

Profile Grinding

High porosity and permeability in this ceramic-based wheel offering the fastest metal removal rate on the market.

  • Unrivaled DIN quality
  • Fast material removal

Bevel Grinding

Altos is the ‘must-have’ wheel, no other wheel for Bevel grinding compares.

  • Burn free cutting
  • Extremely fast grinding
  • Reduces part rejection, overall lowering the cost per unit