Technical Principals of Bandsaw Blades

Sawing is a science in itself. Many influencing factors decide about the results of Bandsaw Applications.

The main focus here is as below:-

  • Blade-life
  • Cutting performance
  • Efficiency
  • Surface quality / cutting geometry

on product selection:-

  • Band saw machine
  • The material that is to be processed
  • Dimension and form of the workpiece
  • Single, layer or bundle cutting

The Toolskit product portfolio is consistently oriented on customer needs and offers a wide range of

  • Teeth forms
  • Tooth pitches
  • Tooth sets
  • Band lengths and band widths
  • Special versions PE and PW for individual applications of our level 2 and 3 products

Tooth Pitches explained by Toolskit

  • Tooth pitch refers to the number of teeth per inch (tpi). 1 inch = 25.4 mm.
  • The relevant variable for selecting the tooth pitch is the contact length of the band saw in the workpiece.
  • The material being sawed and the type of band saw blade used also play a role in the selection.
  • A differentiation is made between contact tooth pitches with a uniform tooth distance and variable tooth pitches with a different tooth distance within a tooth interval
  • Variable tooth pitches, for instance 2-3 tpi, can be characterized by two measures: 2 tpi stands for the maximum tooth distance and 3 tpi stands for the minimum tooth distance in the toothing interval