RDSO Approved Rail Cutting Wheel Specifications

(No. TM/SM/2 Rev. 01 of 2007)

1.0 Scope : This specification covers the functional and technical requirements with testing details of Abrasive Rail Cutting Wheel (Abrasive Disc) which is used to cut rails. The rail cutting wheel (abrasive disc) will be termed as abrasive disc in
this specification.

2.0 Reference : Following specification has been referred to in this specification.
Updated copy of the specification shall be available in the Works of the manufacturer/ supplier.

(i) TM/SM/01 Rev. 01-2007 – Specification of Abrasive Rail Cutter.

3.0 Functional Requirements:

3.1 The abrasive disc shall be so designed that it may be used with abrasive rail cutter with ease. The abrasive disc shall have the technical features mentioned in clause no. 4.0.

3.2 The materials shall be such that, the disc periphery doesn’t break/chipped off during cutting operation. The disc shall be capable of cutting of rails of any section upto 65 kg/m and of any metallurgy upto 110 UTS.

3.3 The bore and diameter of the abrasive disc shall make it compatible to use with RDSO/Railway Board approved abrasive rail cutter as per specification no. TM/SM/01 Rev. 01-2007.

3.4 The abrasive disc during cutting operation shall not loose its abrasive particles rapidly so that it can retain its discard diameter upto the specified number of cuts.

3.5 The disc materials shall be such that, there shall be no fumes/smokes emitted during the cutting operation. The physical stability to retain the disc flat in new condition and also during cutting operation shall be sufficient.

4.0 Technical Features :

(i) Diameter : 400 + 5 mm
– 3 mm

(ii) Thickness : 4.0 + 0.25 mm

(iii) Bore : 22.23 +0.5 mm
-0 mm

(iv) Nominal Size : 400 x 4 x 22.23 mm

(v) Operating speed : 4800 r.p.m. (approximately)

(vi) Self life of disc : Min. 02 Years.

(vii) Cutting timings

a) 60 kg/m, 110 UTS rails

: (using RDSO/Railway Board approved abrasive rail cutter machine as per RDSO specification no. TM/SM/01 Rev. 01-2007)
5 min.

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b) 60 kg/m, 90 UTS rails
c) 60 kg/m, 72 UTS rails
d) 52 kg/m, 90 UTS rails
e) 52 kg/m, 72 UTS & others
5 min.
4 min.
4 min.
2 min.

(viii) Discard Diameter Discard Diameter 260 mm. In order to ensure proper cutting material, total depth of cutting
material available (diameter of disc minus discard diameter) shall be minimum 140 mm.

(ix) Atmospheric condition : a) Ambient temperature : -50C to 550C

b) Humidity (Relative) : upto 100%
c) Dust condition : extreme dusty
(x) Number of cuts to be given by each disc
: Min 7 cuts on 52kg/90UTS and min.06 cuts on 60 kg/90 UTS at discard diameter of 260 mm.

5.0 Tests :

5.1 Type Tests : Type tests are meant to be conducted on prototypes at the time of initial approval. The manufactures / supplier shall produce four prototypes of the abrasive disc.

5.2 Following type tests shall be carried out on the prototypes:

(i) Visual & dimensional check: The abrasive disc shall be visually checked for any crack, uneven periphery, warpage etc. The dimensions shall also be checked.

(ii) Test for fitment of the abrasive disc to the abrasive rail cutting machine :

The abrasive disc shall be fitted to the spindle of the abrasive rail cutting machine. Fitting of the disc to the abrasive rail cutter shall be easy and the abrasive disc when fitted to the spindle of the abrasive rail cutter shall be self centered automatically.

(iii) Cutting Performance Test : The abrasive disc shall be fitted to an abrasive rail cutter (as per RDSO specification no. TM/SM/01 Rev. 01-2007) and shall be operated to cut 52 kg/m or 60 kg/m rails of 90UTS. Minimum 04 nos. discs shall be tested for cutting performance. The cutting timings shall be as per clause no. 4.0 (vii). Following details shall be recorded :

a) Cutting timing
b) Cutting tolerance (which shall be + 0.5 mm in vertical and horizontal direction)
c) Diameter of the abrasive disc after each cut. The cutting test shall be continued upto discard diameter of 260 mm