Wide Sanding Belt


  • Size : 1320 x 1900 MM
  • Dimension : 24 Grit to 60 Grit

Short Description

We offer and stock products to meet wide belt used in the woodworking and metalworking industries. The product is used for METALWORKING – Conveyor grinding, Polishing steel coil, De-burring of large flat plates and WOODWORKING – Calibration and intermediate sanding of plywood and Laminate Sheets. The standard size available is 1320 mm Width, 1900 mm Length with 24, 36 and 60 Grit. We also take orders for customise sizing as per your requirement.

Stock Code Size – Width x Length (mm) Grit Size
WZ11 1320 X 1900 36
WZ13 1320 X 1900 60
WS10 1320 X 1900 24
WS11 1320 X 1900 36
WS13 1320 X 1900 60

Wide Sanding belts are used in woodworking and metalworking manufacturing operations. Wide Sanding Belt are available with us and we promote Manufacturer Norton Abrasives in India for Gujarat state-based at Ahmedabad. Best Prices and Quality Sanding products at Toolskit
The coarse grit cloth wide belt premium aluminum oxide abrasive and silicon carbide grains gives you faster cut rate. You get optimum use with this belt, since the strong butt joint enables you to run the belt in either direction.


  • Wood
  • Laminate
  • Steel


  • Sanding Machine