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We are one of the Leading Suppliers for Abrasives, Cutting Tools and Engineering Products. Serving Industries since Independence of India with a single concept to promote Make in India with the top-notch International Standards and Quality. Due to our Quality Certifications and Suppliers Credentials, we have a customer base of more than 150 MNC’s and Nations Leading Groups.


Abrasives: We have the Highest range of Abrasives products in India, be it Surface Grinding, Tool Room Applications, Cylindrical Grinding, Centreless Grinding, or any sort of Grinding Application our Bonded Abrasives have all the solutions for Grinding Application. Apart from Grinding we have a total range for Cutting Wheels, Sanding Abrasives like Flap Wheels, Sanding Belts, Polishing Tools and CBN Super Abrasives.

Cutting Tools: With more then 60,000 SKU’s Toolskit.com offers a wide selection for Carbide Milling Tools, Carbide Turning Tools, Carbide Inserts, Carbide End Mills and Solid Carbide Drills.

General Engineering Tools: We Design Custom Tools for Customer’s job, wide range of Specialised Hand Tools and Engineering Tools which are being used regularly for Manufacturing and Maintenance activities.






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RDSO Approved Rail Cutting Wheel Specifications

SPECIFICATION OF RAIL CUTTING WHEEL (ABRASIVE DISC) (No. TM/SM/2 Rev. 01 of 2007) 1.0 Scope : This specification covers the functional and technical requirements with testing details of Abrasive Rail Cutting Wheel (Abrasive Disc) which is used to cut rails. The rail cutting wheel (abrasive disc) will be termed as abrasive disc in this specification. …

Safety Recommendations for the Use of Abrasive Products

Abrasive Products Improperly Used Can Be Very Dangerous Always follow the instructions provided by the abrasive product and machine supplier. Ensure that the abrasive product is suitable for its intended use. Examine all abrasive products for damage or defects before mounting. Follow the correct procedures for handling and storage of abrasive products. Be aware of …

Technical Solutions for Gear Grinding

New Platform for Gear Grinding Increasingly stringent industry requirements for gears are resulting in tighter tolerances, higher profile accuracy, and improved surface finish. The choice of abrasive is key in the production of high-quality gears. Norton offers high performance grinding wheels engineered to deliver a complete technical solution for: The Premium Collection Worm Grinding An …