Hand Pads


  • Size : 9 Inch x 11 Inch
  • Dimension : Rectangle Polishing Pad

Short Description

Hand Pads are available from 120# to 1000# grits in Silicon Carbide and Aluminium Oxide. Since they are made from nylon, hand pads are very flexible and they can reach areas and conform to various shapes of the workpiece, Hand Pads also non loading and waterproof. The product Application – Rust Removal, Cleaning, Blending, Polishing.

Stk. No. Size in mm – Length x Width Specification
HX04 230  x  150 22NM
HX13 230  x  150 29NM
HX166 230  x  150 24NM
HX09 230  x  150 21NG
HX20 150  x  100 21NG
HX1023 225  x  150 20NM
HX1095 230  x  150 15NM

This Product is known as Hand Pad, Sponge Pad and Non Woven Pad available for all cleaning and finishing applications. Norton Hand pads are handy and easy to hold which can be used on curved and round surfaces also.
The Design for durability and versatility is so unique that we are the market leaders as Manufacturer in India with widest range of Non Woven Abrasives.


  • Metal
  • Wood


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