Solid Carbide End Mills

Only the finest carbide substrates with market leading geometries and state-of-the-art surface technology are used to ensure the highest quality finishing Carbide end mills are produced. These tools are fully compliant with NAS specifications. Whether you require higher metal removal rates, improved surface finishes, fewer passes, or longer tool life, Widia End Mills are the perfect Solution presented by

General Purpose Solid Carbide End Mills

WIDIA-Hanita by Toolskit General Purpose End Mills offer plunging, slotting, and profiling for a wide range of materials and applications. Designed to provide high metal removal rates and excellent surface conditions at a value price.

High Performance Solid Carbide End Mills

High Performance Solid Carbide End Mills by Toolskit are 4 Flute to 7 Flute geometry designed with unequal flute spacing for plunging, slotting, and profiling at the highest possible feed rates for a wide range of materials.

Micro Machining Carbide End Mills

Micro Machining Carbide End Mills are used for precision works in which small parts or areas needs to be covered, our Milling Tools are available in all micro sizes and shall fit your tiniest job. Micro Machining Carbide End Mills by Widia are one of the leading products from Milling Range that we offer.

Roughing Solid Carbide End Mills

Special proprietary carbide substrates and state-of-the-art surface technology, combined with unique geometries, provides end users with the capability to significantly reduce machining time with heavier and deeper cuts, fewer passes, and faster surface speed. WIDIA geometries are uniquely formed and fine-tuned to optimise chip form, size, and evacuation generated by a given workpiece material.