Milling Cutters

Toolskit solid carbide Milling Cutters are in highest demands. We have all tool types from roughing to finishing, from hard machining to HPC cutting. Also special cutters for machining titanium and titanium alloys. Or Carbide Milling Cutters are of Widia Brand for high performance machining of steel, cast iron and stainless steel.

Chamfer Mills

A chamfer mill or a chamfer cutter are the most common tools used in Tool Room. Solid carbide chamfer mills are versatile tools that can be used for deburring, chamfering or countersinking operations. Widia chamfer mills by Toolskit offer the same free cutting action as our standard milling cutters, providing strong and reliable performance.

Classic Milling Cutter

Classic Milling Cutter by Widia are still the best Milling Cutter and one of the oldest series in the world, in some applications Classic Milling Carbide Cutters are just perfect and cannot be replaced by any other Brand. We offer wide range of sizes in this series and most of them are in ready stock.

Copy Mills

We offer a variety of High Productive Copy Mills for Milling Application, with round insert cutter for general applications to Ball Nose Copy Mills for complex applications. M200, M100, M170 and M270 are the different series of Widia range we offer at

Face Milling Cutter

• First choice for low depth of cut face milling. • Low cost per edge and high productivity. • Reduced cutting forces due to soft cutting action. • Significantly increased Metal Removal Rates (MRR). • Excellent tool life in light to heavy machining. • Shorter machining cycle times.

Helical Milling

A trusted multipurpose solution for profiling and copy applications, the M100 Series ensures a reliable platform for all of your copy milling, face milling, helical interpolation, and roughing needs. • Thick inserts ensure reliability and consistent results. • General purpose face and copy milling. • Anti-rotation feature for security. • Anti-rotation systems in larger iC inserts provide higher MRR capabilities. • Increased chip evacuation and through tool coolant for enhanced performance

High Feed Milling

VXF mills are a high-feed productivity booster designed to establish new industry standards with market-leading milling grades. • 16.5° lead angle redistributes cutting forces in the spindle z-axis direction. • PSTS inserts for powerful low cost per edge high-feed milling. • Cutters with internal coolant supply. • Greatly reduces tool deflection and vibrations for improved tool life. • Suitable for long tool reach. • Unique integrated radial wiping facet to achieve a nice wall finish at pocket and helical interpolation milling. • Durable cutting edges qualified to machine a wide range of materials.

Shoulder Milling

General-Purpose shoulder milling solution for a large selection of geometries and grades. • Wide selection of inserts to machine all material types. • Pockets designed for optimal accuracy with 90º shoulders. • Strong inserts providing high reliability

Slot Milling

While performing ‌slot milling, process reliability is extremely important. A wide range of solid carbide shank cutters and indexable insert side and face mills in various cutting widths and diameters allows a broad scope of applications to be covered.