SELEKTA GS PREMIUM M42 Bandsaw Blade by Wikus and Toolskit

High performance, Superfinishing and extra blade-life

Product level 3

Hook tooth

Solid materials

Band width 34 x 1.1 – 67 x 1.6mm


High performance, Superfinishing and extra blade-life

For Excellent Surface Quality

With the new development of the hard material-coated version of SELEKTA GS M42 we meet high requirements on performance and lifetime.
With the special coating in combination with the patented tooth geometry it is possible to achieve a considerable increase of blade-life compared to the uncoated version. The cutting performance is at least the same. Furthermore, the processed material is characterized by a high surface quality.

Your advantages at a glance

high cutting performance

due to patented performance and surface teeth

high efficiency

due to an excellent blade-life

low finishing

due to perfect surface quality

lower material allowance

by exact gating

low friction

due to back edge coating

Application Range


  • solid material
  • metals up to 1400 N/mm² tensile strength


  • M42 tooth edge with special coating
  • patented performance and surface teeth
  • back edge coating for less friction
  • mooth, low vibration and very long running


Contact length[mm]

Dimensions Tooth pitch in ZpZ
Width x thickness
mm Inch 3-4 2-3 1.4-2
34 x 1.10 1-3/8 x 0.042 k
41 x 1.30 1-5/8 x 0.050 k
54 x 1.60 2-1/8 x 0.063 k k
67 x 1.60 2-5/8 x 0.063 k

K = Hook tooth

Technical Data

  • Case-hardened steels, spring steels and ball-bearing steels
  • Rust-proof and acid-resistant steels (ferretic)
  • Nitrided steel, high-speed steel and tool steel
  • Construction, deep-drawn and machining steels
  • Carbon steels, and quenched and tempered steels
  • Cast iron
  • Aluminium / aluminium alloys
  • Non-ferrous metals