Solid Carbide Drills

Top Solid Carbide Drills from Toolskit of WIDIA line of solid carbide drills engineered to provide maximum performance and superior finish to application-specifi c tasks in steel and cast iron.

• Lower cost-per-hole and greater productivity due to high MRR and long tool life.
• One of the broadest ranges in the market for diameter selection, length series, and coolant options.

Cast Iron Carbide Drills

TOP DRILL S for Cast Iron TOP DRILL S for cast iron is designed with application-specific point geometry for maximum performance in cast iron materials. The point features corner chamfers that minimise breakout on exit holes. A four-margin design improves hole straightness, increasing tool life and extending cross-hole and inclined exit capabilities when drilling tough cast iron. The technologically advanced WK15PD™ grade is specially engineered to withstand high wear.

Deep Hole Drills

Solid carbide deep-hole drills outperform gun drills and HSS deep-hole drills in deep-hole applications up to 30 x D by increasing metal removal rates by 3–4 times. Increased MRR equals bottom-line savings to customers in throughput, machine time, and personnel hours. The TDD1*Z* Series in the WU20PD™ grade offers secure and consistent performance, excellent hole quality, and reduced cycle times. The standard lines are available from 3 to 13mm and lengths of 15, 20, 25, and 30 x D. It eliminates the traditional HSS or gun drilling without pecking, at up to 100% increased penetration rates.

Long Carbide Drills

The versatile TOP DRILL S+ provides reliable performance across a broad scope of applications, including alloyed and unalloyed steel, cast iron, and some stainless steels and high-temperature alloys. TDS+ is now available in 12 x D, adding to its already wide range of options from 3–8 x D.

Stainless Steel Carbide Drills

TOP DRILL S™ for Steel TOP DRILL S for steel is a high-performance solid carbide drill with an application-specific design. Although the point geometry is strong enough to drill stainless steel and cast iron, it is engineered to maximise performance when drilling steel. The WP20PD™ grade, designed to resist high heat and wear, is the latest in WIDIA™ technology. The two-margin design facilitates excellent hole quality and less friction when drilling steel at high speeds.

Widia Vari Drills

The VariDrill advanced-point geometry design offers the ultimate solution for multipurpose drilling operations. It offers dependable tool life in all materials due to less chipping on the cutting edge. • Reduced chipping on cutting edge means longer tool life. • Geometry design offers strength and versatility. • Delivers proper surface finish across multiple materials: steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, and high-temp alloys